The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

No. 2380

The Ambassador has the honor to refer to the Department’s mail instruction no. 517 of February 14, 1944 regarding the offers obtained by Professor F. N. M. Brown from American universities to accept as paid members of their staffs a few Chinese professors of engineering and a larger number of graduate engineers.

The copies of the letters enclosed with the Department’s instruction under reference were sent to Dr. Ku Yu-hsiu, Vice Minister of Education, with a letter dated March 21, 1944 from the Embassy embodying the Department’s suggestions. The Department’s reply of February 14, 1944 (Enclosure no. 4 of the reference instruction) to Dr. Ku’s letter to the Secretary of State was transmitted to Dr. Ku under separate cover.

A copy of Dr. Ku’s reply, dated March 27, 1944, to the Embassy’s letter is enclosed.30 It will be noted that he agrees that the successful execution of the plan would be reciprocally advantageous; and that he states that the Ministry will proceed to select the candidates for the positions offered as soon as possible and that the suggestion that a Chinese supervising agency be established to oversee the technical training of the Chinese students in the United States is already under consideration and some such agency is soon expected to be set up.

  1. Not printed.