The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

No. 2543

The Ambassador has the honor to refer to the Embassy’s despatch no. 2505, April 27, 1944,26 in regard to an attack on an American Army truck convoy in the Kaiyuan district of Yunnan Province on February 19, 1944, and to transmit herewith for the Department’s information and records a copy of Kunming’s despatch to the Embassy no. 12, April 27, 1944,26 on this subject.

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Enclosed in Kunming’s despatch are (1) a copy of a memorandum, dated April 23, 1944, from Brigadier General Frank Dorn, Chief of Staff in Kunming of the Y-Force Operations Headquarters of the Army Forces, to the Consul General requesting him to inform the appropriate Chinese Government authorities that the Commanding General, United States Army Forces, China, Burma and India, appreciated the energetic steps taken by the Chinese military authorities to rectify the unfortunate incident and (2) a copy of the Consul General’s note of April 24, 1944 to the Special Yunnan Delegate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs conveying the sentiments expressed by General Dorn.

There is also enclosed a copy and translation of a formal note from the Foreign Minister, dated April 29, 1944,28 reporting the punitive action taken against the bandits who attacked the convoy.

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