893.50/11–344: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

1767. 1. Status of Chinese plans for economic development remains unaltered from position described Embassy’s despatch 2955, September 14. (ReDeptel 1299, October 6).

2. It now appears that Economic Affairs Minister has lost interest in proposal that Embassy be supplied with reconstruction plans and that his former interest in question of Economic Mission has become submerged in plans considered or developed with Mr. Nelson to bring [Page 1082]production experts to China. Embassy shares Department’s doubts as to immediate desirability of Economic Mission as such.

3. Dr. Franklin Ho, Deputy Secretary General, Central Planning Board, promises to make available to Embassy basic data from integrated master plan for economic development scheduled for completion by end this year and to supply full information on possible changes Gmo may make in plan. Ho states Gmo will probably not complete his examination of plan until end February. If Mr. Nelson does return with group of experts, inclination of Chinese officials will naturally be to supply information to Mr. Nelson and group rather than to Embassy.