893.50/8–3144: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

1477. Economic Affairs Minister has stated in strict confidence to officer of Embassy that several months ago British Government made formal offer to Chinese Government to draw up complete plan for Chinese postwar reconstruction; that British offered to supply experts but only if allowed to make complete plan; that Chinese Government acknowledged receipt of offer but made no commitments owing primarily to British insistence on drawing up complete plan; and that matter will undoubtedly be subject of further correspondence between two Governments (Eeins 748, July 31).

Minister said he would discuss with Secretary General of Central Planning Board desirability of recommending to Generalissimo that copies of all postwar reconstruction plans submitted to Board by various Ministers be supplied to Embassy for study by American experts and that our Government be formally requested to send economic mission to assist Chinese in planning postwar reconstruction.