893.5034 Registration/7–1844: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Gauss)

1494. 1. With reference to the question of the registration of American firms under Chinese regulations (Embassy’s 1235, July 18, 10 a.m.), the National Foreign Trade Council and the China-America Council of Commerce and Industry are engaged in preparing further comment in regard to registration regulations and specific suggestions [Page 1006]designed to improve and clarify regulations. These suggestions will be transmitted to the Embassy as soon as they are received.

2. In the meantime the Councils have requested that the Embassy endeavor to arrange with the Minister of Economic Affairs for a further extension of time beyond December 31, 1944.

3. In view of the importance of this matter to American firms, the Department desires that the Embassy make a further approach to the Minister of Economic Affairs, that the Minister be informed that his memorandum42 (despatch no. 2752, July 8) was greatly appreciated by the Councils and was helpful in clarifying some points; that there still remain provisions of the regulations which need clarification; that in conformity with Dr. Wong’s statement that consideration would be given to any suggestions by either Chinese or foreign businessmen for the improvement of the registration procedure, the Councils are engaged in preparing further comment and suggestions which the Embassy will present as soon as they are received; and that Dr. Wong be requested to grant a further substantial extension of time beyond December 31, 1944.

  1. Not printed.