893.5151/983: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

135. Following is text of press announcement issued January 20:

Dr. H. H. Kung, Vice President of the Executive Yuan and concurrently Minister of Finance, announced today that the Government had revised the arrangements under which an exchange supplement is granted on the transfer of certain funds from abroad. This action, which does not affect in any way the existing official rates of exchange, has been taken in response to many applications received and to meet the needs of those concerned.

In the case of contributions for relief, mission, medical, educational, cultural and other philanthropic purposes and [an?] exchange supplement of 100 percent will be granted. Formerly a supplement of 100 percent was granted only for famine relief contributions, and the supplement was 50 percent for the other transfers to which it applied.

An exchange supplement of 100 percent also will be granted on application on the transfer from abroad for necessary personal requirements of funds (1) for the diplomatic, consular, military and other official personnel of friendly powers; (2) for nationals of friendly powers engaged in educational, mission, press and other work in China; and (3) for remittance by overseas Chinese for support of their families in China.

This supplement will apply to all such transfers received in China on and after January 20, 1944. The supplement is paid from a special fund deposited with the Central Bank of China for the purpose.