761.93/1749: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

479. Consul [at] Tihwa4 reports he is informed by Foreign Affairs Delegate5 that on March 11, 10 planes bearing clear Soviet Star markings, bombed provincial troop concentrations in Altai region 25 kilometers southwest of Chingho (which does not appear on Embassy’s maps), 75 kilometers on Chinese side of Mongolian border, with smaller raids next 2 days. Total casualties under 30. Delegate stated Soviet Consul General resented his implication of possible Soviet responsibility but promises to transmit his formal protests to Moscow. Delegate suggesting joint Sino-Soviet investigation on the spot.

Unconfirmed information from a local source (said to emanate from Sinkiang Provincial Government) states bombing planes were Soviet planes and Chinese forces attacked were putting down Kazak uprising, Foreign Office was said to be making inquiries through its Moscow Embassy.

Political Vice Foreign Minister6 tells us the “rumor” does not in his opinion seem credible but Soviets have been acting very independently lately and telegraphic inquiry being made of Sinkiang Government. His attitude in response to our inquiry was evasive.

Tihwa being instructed to keep us fully informed.

Repeated to Moscow.

  1. Horace H. Smith.
  2. Chaucer H. Wu.
  3. K. C. Wu.