811.458 China/53: Telegram

President Roosevelt to Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek 13

On behalf of the American Government and people I thank you for your inspiring New Year message14 and extend to you and to the Chinese people and armies cordial greetings and best wishes for 1944. Americans are ever mindful of the extent of China’s sacrifice and steadfast service in the cause of freedom. In the valor displayed by the Chinese Armies at Changteh we find fresh inspiration and a concrete manifestation of China’s determination to contribute its utmost in the common effort needed for the final victory and for a realization of democratic ideals which will ensure that the heavy sacrifices of this war shall not have been in vain.

I cherish the memory of our recent happy meeting at Cairo and take pleasure in the thought that I have gained a fuller understanding of the problems of your great nation and especially that I have gained a real friend in the leader of that nation.

Franklin D. Roosevelt
  1. Unnumbered White House telegram, prepared in the Department at the request of President Roosevelt; last 15 words added by the President.
  2. December 31, 1943, Foreign Relations, 1943, China, p. 189.