033.1193 Nelson, Donald M./8–2244

President Roosevelt to the Chairman of the War Production Board (Nelson)8

Dear Don: There is attached a formal letter9 authorizing your mission to China.

I consider the whole question of our economic relations with China to be one of utmost importance to this country. I am particularly anxious that the Generalissimo and his advisers in the economic field understand that we are not going in there as exploiters and yet I feel sure that we have a proper function to perform to help to put China on its feet economically.

I want you to extend to the Generalissimo my warmest personal regards.

I wish you great luck and will be anxiously waiting to get your observations and views.

Sincerely yours,

Franklin D. Roosevelt
  1. Copy transmitted to the Director of the Office of Far Eastern Affairs by the Chairman of the War Production Board with his memorandum of August 22.
  2. Infra.