811.003 Wallace, Henry A./70: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Gauss ) to the Secretary of State

1013. At request of Generalissimo, it has now been arranged that Vice President’s plane will proceed from Tihwa direct to Pei Shih Yi airfield outside Chungking in order that Chiang may conveniently greet him there and accompany him and party to President’s summer residence at Shantung for brief visit en route to city by motor car. Chinese will have aofvhwj [sic] experienced Chinese pilot and also radio officer to assist plane’s crew and it is understood from our military that the American pilot has flown the route and landed at Pei Shih Yi with Mme, Chiang (Embassy’s 955, June 134). Gasoline for Mr. Wallace’s plane will be flown to Tihwa by United States Army.

Military Attaché35 has requested that Military Air Attaché Colonel Wasser36 accompany Dr. Wang37 and Atcheson38 to Tihwa in Chinese plane to return either by that plane or by Vice President’s plane if latter has space. Chinese have assented. Wang will also be accompanied by Kuo Pin-chia, Counselor in the Foreign Office and Wang’s principal assistant. At Tihwa, chairman [of] Sinkiang Government39 will house Vice President and two members of his party; American Consul40 and special delegate of Foreign Office41 will care for remainder.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Col. Morris B. DePass, Jr.
  3. Lee Q. Wasser.
  4. Wang Shih-chieh, Chief Counselor of Chinese National Military Council and member of presidium of People’s Political Council.
  5. George Atcheson, Jr., Counselor of Embassy in China.
  6. Gen. Sheng Shih-tsai.
  7. Horace H. Smith.
  8. Chaucer H. Wu.