The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

No. 2191

Sir: I have the honor to refer to the Embassy’s despatch no. 1632, September 28, 194362 in regard to restrictions on the residence and travel of foreigners in China, and to enclose63 a copy of despatch no. 18, February 3, 1944 from the Embassy officer at Sian,64 and a copy of despatch no. 8, January 18, 1944 from the Consul at Tihwa,65 both bearing on this subject.

In the despatch from Sian Mr. Drumright summarizes the remarks of a Mr. Wang En-hsiang, new director of the Foreign Affairs Section of the Sian police force, in regard to proposed restrictions on the movement and residence of foreigners living in and passing through Sian, and comments that it is possible that Mr. Wang is coming to his new position with a pent-up zeal which will subside after a short period of time.

Enclosed with Mr. Smith’s despatch from Tihwa is a copy with translation of Sinkiang Provincial Government regulations62 governing the issuance of residence certificates to foreigners. These regulations [Page 23] provide (Article 11) that “Foreigners residing in Sinkiang Province shall confine their residence to the locality specified in their residence certificates. They may not move at will. If it is necessary for them to move, prior to so doing, they shall proceed with supporting evidence to the appropriate local authority …”66

As no reply has been received to my personal letter of September 28, 1943 to Dr. K. C. Wu, then acting Minister for Foreign Affairs (enclosure no. 3 to despatch no. 1632, referred to above), I am again writing him (copy enclosed67), calling his attention to the developments reported in the despatches transmitted herewith.

Respectfully yours,

C. E. Gauss
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  3. Everett F. Drumright, Second Secretary of Embassy.
  4. Horace H. Smith.
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  6. Omission indicated in the original despatch.
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