The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Gauss)

No. 489

Sir: The Department has received in recent months from a number of private sources reports in which it is alleged that there is an inadequate degree of coordination maintained among the several American Government agencies operating in Chungking. In substance, these reports have been to the effect that the work of the different agencies has not appeared to be well integrated under the supervision of the Embassy.

The Department realizes that these reports may have been made on the basis of inadequate observation and without a full appreciation of the problems involved. However, in view of the importance of the [Page 2] matter and of the Department’s desire to be of all possible assistance to the Embassy, the Department would appreciate receiving from you a full report in regard to the progress made by the Embassy in effecting compliance with the provisions of D. S. No. 3553 of August 15, 1942,6 and especially in regard to any difficulties which may have arisen in that connection. It is suggested that the relations with each agency be dealt with separately to facilitate any discussions which the Department may find it desirable to have with the responsible officers of the agencies concerned in Washington.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
G. Howland Shaw
  1. Diplomatic Serial No. 3553 concerned the coordination of the activities in foreign countries of all civilian representatives of executive departments and agencies of the Government (127.6/166a).