811.20 Defense (M) Portugal/1418: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Portugal (Norweb)

214. Your 227 of January 24. As Salazar has expressed skepticism as to the German need for wolfram, you may wish to have the following additional information for use in your conversation with him:

The cargo of the German blockade runner Alsterufer sunk in the Bay of Biscay, December 27, consisted largely of wolfram. Cargoes of other blockade runners all included wolfram. Cargoes of Italian blockade running submarines included wolfram.

Blockade running from the Far East is obviously so hazardous that space must be apportioned on the basis of urgent need. These facts emphasize the importance of the estimates that have been made by FEA51 and MEW.52

Parenthetically for your information all blockade cargoes also include tin in large amounts.

  1. Foreign Economic Administration.
  2. British Ministry of Economic Warfare.