811.003 Wallace, Henry A./54: Telegram

The Chargé in the Soviet Union ( Hamilton ) to the Secretary of State

1595. I have received a note from Vyshinski stating that the Soviet Government has no objections to the proposed itinerary of the Vice President nor to his visiting all the places listed in the Department’s telegram insofar as the technical possibilities connected with the route and the furnishing of aircraft fuel permit.59 The note continues that all necessary measures will be taken in this end, that many of the places listed have suitable facilities for a C54 plane and that at such points on the itinerary where adequate facilities do not exist lighter Soviet aircraft will be placed at the disposal of the Vice President. The note concludes that the Soviet Embassy in Washington has been instructed to issue visas to the Vice President’s party and crew. It requests that the Foreign Office be advised of any further information on the trip.

  1. Vice President Wallace departed from Washington on May 20 for Siberia and the Far East.