740.0011 European War 1939/8–1044: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Harriman ) to the Secretary of State

2928. Soviet press for August 4 publishes long message to Stalin dated July 30 from workers of Lwow. After expressing appreciation for liberation of city,30 message states that old Ukrainian city of Lwow has become free and Soviet forever. Everything destroyed by the Fascists will be restored in short order, and Germans will never again be in Lwow. Lovers of other people’s riches who hanker after Lwow, namely the Polish émigrés of Sosnkowski, Raczkiewicz, Kukiel, Matuszewski clique, who by their policy ruined the Ukraine and placed it under German yoke, are now longing to return. This shall never happen. From its very foundation Lwow was a Ukrainian city, and so it shall remain. Ukrainian people are interested in having friendly Poland on their frontier and genuinely welcome establishment of Polish Committee of National Liberation and Polish Army. Polish people assisted by Red Army will reconquer age old Polish lands in west which were seized by Germans, and free, democratic, independent and strong Poland will be established. Message concludes with indictment of Ukrainian traitors who helped German occupants and expression of loyalty of Ukrainian people to its fatherland, the great Soviet Union. It also pledges Ukrainian people to help their brothers in sub-Carpathian Ruthenia.

  1. Lwow was recaptured on July 27, 1944.