711.6111/16: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman) to the Secretary of State

2091. Editorials and other material dealing with the Second Anniversary of the Soviet-American Agreement84 occupied over three [Page 885] quarters of the front page space in Moscow newspapers for June 11. There was also published an announcement of the luncheon given on the 10th by Molotov for the American and British Ambassadors and members of the Military Mission and Embassy staff. The outstanding themes of the editorials were satisfaction with beginning of the western invasion and emphasis on desirability and feasibility of American-Soviet-British postwar cooperation.

[Here follow summaries of editorials which appeared in Izvestiya, Pravda, and Red Star.]

  1. The master Lend-Lease Agreement had been signed at Washington on June 11, 1942. The text of the agreement and exchange of notes is printed in Department of State Executive Agreement Series No. 253; 56 Stat. (pt. 2) 1500; and Department of State Bulletin, June 13, 1942, p. 531.