861.4061 Motion Pictures/86: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Harriman ) to the Secretary of State

433. My 224, January 22, 6 p.m. A note dated February 5 has been received from Dekanozov stating that in addition to certain persons who took part in the direction and production of “North Star” and “Mission to Moscow” the Soviet Government would also like to decorate those who participated in the direction and production of the film “Battle for Russia” and the commentator of the film “The Defeat of the Germans Before Moscow” actor Edward Robinson. The Soviet Government inquires whether this proposal is acceptable.

As the Soviet Government has in the light of my remarks to Dekanozov included “Battle for Russia” thus proposes to give recognition to three of the prominent films relating to Russia produced in the United States I feel that it would not be advisable to bring to the Soviet Government’s attention the comments suggested for possible use in the last paragraph of your 173 January 29, 3 p.m.

I am accordingly informing Dekanozov with reference to all three films that the selection of private individuals for decoration by the Soviet Government is in the opinion of the Department a matter for the Soviet Government to decide.

I am also informing him that I am sure that the Department will share my personal gratification for the inclusion of “Battle for Russia” in the films to which the Soviet Government wishes to accord special recognition. I am mentioning that if any of the persons selected should be members of the Armed Forces or officers of the Government the question of acceptance should be taken up by the Soviet Government through the usual diplomatic channels.54

  1. In its telegram 307 of February 15, to Moscow, the Department expressed its approval of the views given by the Ambassador (861.4061 Motion Pictures/86)