740.0011 European War 1939/33870a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland (Harrison)

1176. I. To the end of implementing our 1147, April 5, please place at the disposal of the Swiss Government at once one million dollars and say under instructions that these funds are for the use of the Swiss Government to begin immediately compensation to the victims of the accident in such manner and amounts as in the opinion of the Swiss [Page 796] Government will be most equitable and efficient in relieving the victims’ distress. Please also say that such additional funds as may be required in the opinion of the Swiss Government will be made available immediately upon receipt from it of information as to the amounts required.

You may say orally that for our part, we plan no publicity whatsoever regarding this action.

II. For your guidance: It is the desire of the War Department that we meet without question such bills in this matter as the Swiss Government may present to us hence please do not give the Swiss the impression that we expect any accounting as such of the funds we make available. You may in fact state that all we desire from them is a statement of the amounts required for the full monetary reparation of the damages by our bombers in this instance.

III. Daymont63 is authorized to draw draft in this exceptional case on Secretary of State and against this instruction for one million dollars to effect payment. Render separate account.

  1. Special Disbursing Officer.