740.00112 European War 1939/11118: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

5069. For Riefler and Lovitt from Department and FEA. Reference your 5060, June 26th. We hope that a statement similar to that in our 5005, June 24th can be included in clinching agreement on ceilings and request that you make every effort to have it included. We believe the Swiss may well feel that opportunity for revisions in light of changed conditions would be in their interest as well as ours. However, we will not insist on its inclusion if (1) in Bern’s opinion such a clause would jeopardize prompt conclusion of agreement, or if Swiss would insist on a parallel escape clause which might release them from ceilings for reasons other than action taken by us or with our consent as specified in Keller’s letter of December 19th;63 and (2) MEW and EWD are agreed and satisfied that the [Page 739] Foot–Riefler letter of December 19th, mentioned in your reference telegram, covers the kind of eventuality suggested by you.

If written statement is not included, however, Bern should be instructed to inform the Swiss orally, when definite Swiss offer is received and accepted, that we will feel free to request further reductions in ceilings if military situation continues to develop as expected during the next few months. For your and Bern’s information, we have no intention at present of requesting such additional reductions except with an accompanying offer to open raw material quotas, but do not want to commit ourselves definitely to Swiss on this point.

Please modify our 5005 along above lines and relay to Bern with substance of your 5060. [Department and FEA.]