740.00112 European War 1939/10035: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

745. For Department, FEA,3 WT4 and Riefler.5 The Counselor of the Swiss Legation London today handed Foot6 the following memorandum regarding the Swiss delegation to arrive in London shortly:

  • “[1.] The Swiss Federal Council have now appointed as their delegates for the continuation of trade discussions in London Prof. P. Keller; M. E. Hohl, Counsellor of Legation; M. C. Eezzonico, Counsellor of Legation; M. V. Gautier, of the National Bank of Switzerland; M. A. C. Nussbaumer; M. E. Frey, Secretary of the ‘Vorort des Schweiz Handelsund Industrievereins’.
  • 2. The Federal Council have given their delegates instructions covering the following items of the Allied Agenda of September 30, 1943: a. Credits to Axis countries; b. Transit by rail across Switzerland; c. Trade with Japan; d. Compensation deal; e. Activities of Swiss banks; f. Children relief. Together with the above subjects, the Swiss Government would wish to discuss the following additional items: a. Opening of new blockade facilities for industrial raw materials; b. Bed Cross exports; c. Prevention of smuggling on vessels operating for Switzerland.
  • 3. The Swiss Government feel that it would be somewhat difficult to discuss all the above subjects simultaneously. They therefore suggest that the two financial delegates should come over some time after the other delegates. They would also wish to know what date would be convenient for resuming the discussions.
  • 4. The Swiss Federal Council are anxious to reach a satisfactory solution in the case of Messrs. Sulzer Brothers Ltd.,7 prior to the departure of the Swiss delegates for London. They would there [Page 708] fore greatly appreciate to receive the Allied reply to the detailed proposals which were handed to H. M. and the U. S. Legations in Bern on January 7th, 1944.

January 27th, 1944.”

  1. Foreign Economic Administration.
  2. World Trade Intelligence Division.
  3. Winfleld W. Riefler, head of the Economic Warfare Division of the American Embassy in the United Kingdom, temporarily in Washington.
  4. Dingle Foot, Parliamentary Secretary, British Ministry of Economic Warfare.
  5. Swiss industrial firm; the Swiss Federal Council sought a decision as to the ceiling to be set for the exports of this firm for the first half of 1944.