858.79661/11–2144: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Sweden (Johnson)

2355. The Department considers that the attitude of the Minister t)f Commerce and others who have been hesitant to accede to our request regarding the establishment of ATC services will probably change as a result of the proposal contained in our 2347, November 21.95 Accordingly, we have suggested to the War Department the advisability of modifying its instructions to your Military Attaché for Air so as to eliminate the first condition mentioned in your 4774, November 21, 10 p.m. It is believed that favorable consideration will be given to this suggestion.

With regard to the second condition mentioned in your telegram under reference, it is the view of the War Department and the Department that, as a matter of principle, it would be undesirable for the aircraft to return empty. The War Department realizes that all of our internees may be released and transported to the United Kingdom before the Norwegian operation is concluded. However, since General Arnold attaches the highest importance to their release and [Page 703] return to the United Kingdom at the earliest possible moment, it is felt that we should insist on having the right to transport them by the ATC planes which will be engaged in the Norwegian operation as well as by AATS.96

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