858.79661/12–1744: Telegram

The Minister in Sweden ( Johnson ) to the Secretary of State

5151. Mr. Graf strom53 last night delivered the Swedish Government’s reply dated December 15 to my note of October 3051 requesting [Page 686] permission for ATC to operate into, through and away from Sweden (Department’s 2112 October 20, 9 p.m. and related correspondence). Reply was as follows.

“The Swedish Government are well aware of the importance that the establishment of such an air service could have for the reconstruction in Europe after the war as well as for the future civil aviation between Sweden and the United States. The Swedish Government, however, having carefully considered the American request, do not find themselves in a position to concede at present the establishment of an airplane communication, implying i.e. the establishment of an important American organization of military character on Swedish soil. The Swedish Government are, however, prepared to examine a new proposal on the subject from the American authorities at a later date, when the need of a direct air service communication between Sweden and the United States, especially in connection with the work of reconstruction, will prove more imminent.

“During the informal discussions which have taken place in the matter it has been made clear that the organization in Sweden can be completed within a very short delay. The Swedish Government are nevertheless prepared already now to receive for storage, if the American authorities should deem it appropriate and desirable, material necessary to build up the ground organization.”

See my immediately following telegram 5152 December 17, 10 a.m.

  1. Sven Graf strom, Acting Director of the Department of Political Affairs of the Swedish Foreign Office.
  2. Not printed.