811.2381/76: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain ( Hayes ) to the Secretary of State

2136. Tangier’s 154, June 1, 4 p.m.39 and 168, June 13, 1 p.m. I represented to the Foreign Minister today the situation as described in the Department’s 1689, June 10, 3 p.m., and in the course of our discussion referred to the satisfactory arrangement which had been reached by the Legation in Tangier with General Orgaz.

Jordana said that orders had been issued by him and the Minister of Air to commanders of anti-aircraft guns to exercise the greatest prudence and care and only to fire warning shots when Allied planes actually come over Spanish land or well into Spanish territorial waters. Needless to say I made the case for pursuing submarines into Spanish territorial waters and the special flight characteristics of blimps.

Jordana said that he had not previously heard about any negotiations between our Legation and Orgaz but as soon as he could obtain a report of the arrangement, which as outlined to him by me seemed quite reasonable, he would see that it was applied to Spanish territory [Page 421] not under the direct control of Orgaz including the Canary Islands and Straits area. In this connection he referred to negotiations which had recently been carried on at Gibraltar between the British authorities there and the Spanish Consul, a report of which had been made to the Spanish Air Ministry from which it appeared that the recommendations arising therefrom were in line with Orgaz’s attitude. He expressed the hope that in the meantime the United States Government would renew and emphasize its construction [instruction] to American pilots not to fly planes over Spanish land and especially Spanish cities and towns.

Sent to Department. Repeated to Tangier and to Algiers for Murphy.

  1. Office of Strategic Services message not found in Department files.