711.52/349: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain (Hayes) to the Secretary of State

474. Since despatch of my 473, February 11, 1 p.m., the British Ambassador has informed me of the subsequent receipt of a repeat [Page 336] telegram from London to Washington suggesting that whilst not modifying its views about difficulty of obtaining a complete wolfram embargo, the British Government is prepared to support the United States Government in demanding such an embargo provided that in so doing the British Government is not debarred from considering on its merits any counterproposal of the Spanish Government.

The British Ambassador further tells me his instructions are very explicit that while temporary pressure was to be put on Spanish Government, the British Government did not and does not contemplate any radical change of policy toward Spain and that we should not burn our bridges behind us in Spain.

In these circumstances the British Ambassador is suggesting to London that interviews with the Spanish Foreign Office should be postponed until the British and American Governments have opportunity of clearing up any points of doubt or disagreement which he hopes will be accomplished in near future.

Inasmuch as I cannot see Jordana before Monday,60 may I have your reaction to foregoing over weekend.

  1. February 14.