The Department of State to the British Embassy


The Department has been informed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff of a Combined Chiefs of Staff paper indicating that the latter would welcome any voluntary step taken by Portugal to become an active Ally in the war against Japan and also in the war against the European Axis. The Embassy doubtless will have cognizance of the full text of this Combined Chiefs of Staff paper.

Very careful consideration has been given the paper of the Combined Chiefs of Staff and this Government is in complete agreement with the decision set forth therein. It believes that the British and the American Governments should direct their respective Ambassadors [Page 26] in Lisbon without delay to concert their action and acquaint the Portuguese Government with this grave decision.58a

  1. For the Department’s advice to Norweb that it was informing the British Embassy that this Government would take no action for the present on the decision of the Combined Chiefs of Staff, see telegram 1477, May 25, to Lisbon, p. 117.