811.34553B/121c: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Portugal (Norweb)

1390. The Department is informed that early in April an official of the Portuguese Government approached the Lisbon representative of Panair and inquired whether that Company was still interested in its application filed a year or more ago looking to the construction of an airfield in the Azores, among other things. The Department is uncertain whether this was responsive to your talks with the Prime Minister or whether with another purpose in view. In any case the Portuguese Government was assured that Panair was still interested. Panair has received no further communications from the Portuguese Government. The Company has now been requested by the War Department to follow up the matter. In order that we shall overlook no opportunity to achieve our objective as to the additional airfield, Long will depart immediately for Lisbon.

In view of the War Department’s wishes the Department has informed Panair that it is agreeable to Panair resuming direct negotiations. This information is furnished you in order that you may understand the Department’s purpose. The Department assumes that Long will work in close consultation with you.

You should not delay the steps requested in the Department’s 1389, of May 17, pending Long’s arrival but should seek the earliest possible opportunity to carry out that instruction.