811.34553B/119: Telegram

The Minister in Portugal (Norweb) to the Secretary of State

1282. In interview with Salazar last evening Campbell brought up certain matters connected with Azores. Salazar avoided discussion on the question of the second field.

As regards the Navy squadron Salazar attempted to put Campbell off but when he inquired if he should report to London that this matter must be considered as closed despite repeated representations both by the British and American Ambassadors, Salazar replied in the negative and indicated that he might reconsider provided some formula might be reached to place British markings on the planes.

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Having in mind the preliminary agreement reached at Cairo between the representatives of the Combined Chiefs of Staff on this matter Campbell said that he would refer the proposal to London, This is being done by cable.

The Naval Attaché has cabled full details to Washington requesting that a copy be made available to Department.