740.00119 European War 1939/2414: Telegram

The Ambassador to the Yugoslav Government in Exile (MacVeagh) to the Secretary of State

Yugoslav Series 78. See my Yugoslav Series 77, March 31, 6 p.m. Yesterday General Wilson sent Mr. Maniu a message urging that the Rumanians take action in line with Soviet proposals to him and Antonescu and stating, in reply to their inquiries as to what British and American help they can expect, that as an immediate measure he is prepared to make powerful air attacks on such targets as they suggest. Details concerning this message, its prior submission to the Soviet Government and the latter’s reply, are given in Lord Moyne’s telegram 125, March 31, to Washington.

A message dated yesterday was received from Maniu today stating that Antonescu “in principle” is won over to the Allied cause and is awaiting urgently the repetition of Soviet conditions through Cretzeanu (see my Yugoslav Series 76 of March 30, 5 p.m.).