The Embassy of the Soviet Union to the Department of State

Statement of the Soviet Government 46

As a result of a successful advance the Red Army has approached the Prut river which represents the state border between the U.S.S.R. and Rumania. This signifies the beginning of a full reestablishment of the Soviet state border, established in 1940 by a treaty between the Soviet Union and Rumania,46a treacherously violated in 1941 by the Rumanian Government in alliance with Hitlerite Germany. At the present time the Red Army is clearing the Soviet territory from all enemy troops which still remain on it, and the time is not far off, when the entire Soviet border with Rumania will be fully reestablished.

The Soviet Government informs that the advancing units of the Red Army, pursuing the German armies and allied with them Rumanian troops has crossed at several points the Prut river and entered Rumanian territory. The Supreme Command of the Red Army ordered [Page 166] the advancing Soviet units to pursue the enemy until its final defeat and capitulation.

At the same time the Soviet Government states that it is not pursuing the aims of acquirement of any part of Rumanian territory or change of the existing social regime of Rumania and that the entrance of Soviet troops into Rumania is exclusively dictated by the military necessity and the continuing resistance of the enemy troops.

  1. Issued to the press at Moscow on April 2, 1944.
  2. Treaty of June 28, 1940, text printed in Moscow Izvestiya, June 29, 1940; see also Foreign Relations, 1940, vol. i, pp. 479490.