740.00119 European War 1939/2376: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador to the Yugoslav Government in Exile (MacVeagh), at Cairo

17 Yugos. The Department had been informed by the British Embassy of the Russian proposal mentioned in your 70 of March 27, and had communicated it to the Joint Chiefs of Staff who have now recommended that you join in approving the message to Maniu through Stirbey. There will thus be general agreement among all the representatives of the Allied Governments on the matter.

The Department feels that such a message may prove to be the more useful since we had accepted with some reservation Stirbey’s apparent belief in Antonescu’s willingness to turn against the Germans (see your Yugos 61 March 17).

In making this recommendation the Joint Chiefs emphasize the urgency of working for prompt results in view of the current developing military situation, and stress the military importance of detaching Rumania or other Balkan satellites from the Axis, and the desirability of effecting this detachment in such a way as to obtain maximum benefit to Allied interests.

Certain general views which the Department thinks may be useful to you for background purposes are being communicated to you in a separate telegram.