740.00119 EAC/88: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

1268. Cornea 28. Department’s 853, February 3, midnight (Eacom 3).19 I have inquired in writing of my British and Russian colleagues in the Commission whether they would be prepared to undertake at an early meeting of the Commission a discussion of proposals for terms of surrender to be imposed upon Rumania. Neither has yet replied formally. However, I recently had a personal conversation with Gousev20 in which he told me that he had received instructions about German surrender terms and will be able to join in the discussion of this question at our meeting on Friday next. He also said that he would probably be able to consider Rumanian terms.

The British reply on the subject will also probably be affirmative. I am told informally, however, that the British are definitely opposed to any proviso that withdrawal of Rumanian forces from certain areas be without prejudice to the ultimate settlement of disputed territorial claims. At a time when they are pressing for an immediate direct settlement of Polish boundary questions, they do not wish to imply that such settlements must await a general peace settlement; and they would ask that this subject not be raised in any way in connection with Rumanian surrender terms.

  1. See footnote 15, p. 136.
  2. Fedor Tarasovich Gusev, Soviet Ambassador in the United Kingdom and representative on the European Advisory Commission.