Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia to President Roosevelt

Sir: The departure of Lt. Colonel Richard Weil, Jr. AUS, offers me the opportunity of expressing my gratitude to you for the assistance in material and in the cooperation of your Air Force, tendered to our Army of National Liberation by you and the people of America.

The superhuman struggle which has been waged by the people of Yugoslavia for the last three years, aims, not only at clearing our country of the criminal occupiers, but also at the creation of a better and more righteous order, which would guarantee true democracy, equal rights and social justice to all nations of Yugoslavia. These aspirations and perspectives have given our nations the strength to endure all the difficulties and sufferings of this unequal struggle. For the fulfilment of their strivings the people of Yugoslavia expect the aid of your great democratic country, of the people of the U. S. A. and of yourself.

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The achievement of the ideals of our nations is arduous. The enemy is still strong. The struggle with the occupier is still tough and extremely bloody. The home traitors Nedich, Pavelich,62 Rupnik63 and Draza Mihailovic, unite their efforts with the occupier to prevent the nations of Yugoslavia from attaining these great and progressive aims. But no sacrifices or difficulties frighten us, for we are convinced in the victory of our righteous cause, as we are certain in the victory of all the Allies over the German Fascist aggressors.

Perhaps no other country is so terribly devastated and ravaged as Yugoslavia. This war will leave painful wounds which will require a long time to heal. And this will be possible only if the nations of Yugoslavia receive full economic and political support in the creation of a new, truly democratic, federative Yugoslavia, in which all nations will have their national rights.

Lt. Colonel Weil will be able to expose to you our needs and wishes. I am convinced that they will be granted your support.


Marshal of Yugoslavia
  1. Ante Pavelich, Chief of State of the Nazi puppet “Independent State of Croatia”, and leader of the Ustashi, the Croatian National Liberation Movement.
  2. Gen. Leo Rupnik, a Slovene general commanding troops fighting the Partisans in Slovenia.