Memorandum of Conversation by the Secretary of State

The British Minister, Sir Ronald Campbell,83 called at his request. He left with me a memorandum on the subject of the diplomatic representatives of the enemy countries in Rome, a copy of which is hereto attached.84 He said that it had been understood by the British Government that we were in agreement with them that the enemy diplomats accredited to the Vatican would be permitted to enter the Vatican and reside there, but that if they did not take up residence in the Vatican they would be sent back to their respective countries. He said that the Allied military officers in Rome had proceeded to search for and round up the Axis diplomats, carrying out this understanding, but that they had now had word that Mr. Myron Taylor and Mr. Stimson, Secretary of War, had directed the American Army officials not to take part in this search and to refrain from taking any action whatever with regard to these Axis diplomats. He further stated that Mr. Tittmann had moved out of the quarters he had in the Vatican which made available his space for enemy diplomats [Page 1324] accredited to the Vatican to reside within its precincts. He intimated that this was unnecessary, and that it was unfortunate that additional space had been provided for Axis diplomats to reside in the Vatican. I told him that I would be glad to have this matter looked into and see what the circumstances of the situation were.85

C[ordell] H[ull]
  1. British Chargé.
  2. Infra.
  3. In telegram 355, July 13, 1944, 1 p.m., to Naples (not printed), Mr. Taylor was informed of this conversation and the British memorandum, and was asked for a report and comment. His reply, telegram 236, July 17, 1944, sent as telegram 17, July 17, 1944, noon, Rome, from Kirk (not printed), was the basis for the Department’s aide-mémoire of July 26, 1944, p. 1326.