701.6266A/12: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland ( Harrison )

1774. For Tittmann. Your 126, April 8, acknowledged in Department’s 1432, April 25, to Bern.

Following is substance of proposal which has now been submitted to us by British: [Page 1319]

[Here follows substance of proposal contained in British aide-mémoire of May 17, 1944, printed supra.]
The Department is in general agreement with this proposal but before notifying Vatican desires urgently your reaction and comments and indication whether you have been approached in this matter by the Vatican.
Department presumes upon entry of Allied troops into Rome large numbers of persons including some diplomatic missions would leave Vatican City thus making it possible for Axis officials accredited to Holy See to find accommodations in Vatican City. This is mentioned in case Vatican should maintain that it lacks space to accommodate these Axis diplomats.