740.00116 European War/1247: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

320. At a meeting of the London Political Warfare Coordinating Committee this afternoon it was agreed that the following temporary propaganda directive should be issued at once. (This refers to the Department’s 249, January 10, 10 p.m.)

We should avoid in the event of new Soviet trials making any statement as to whether or not such trials are within the scope of the Moscow Declaration.
Any comment with regard to any future trials which may be held should be reduced to a minimum.
The Committee took note of the fact that any renewed Soviet statement that trials similar to the Kharkov trials are within the scope of the Moscow Declaration would leave Allied political warfare without an effective propaganda line.
Agreed to recommend jointly to the British and American Governments that the Soviet Government be asked to refrain from linking in any public announcements such trials with the Moscow Declaration.
To draw the two Governments attention to the urgency of the matter in view of recent reports that new trials by the Russians are to take place within the near future.

Please inform OWI and Chiefs of Staff.