811.20 Defense (M) Portugal/1450: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Portugal (Norweb)

811. Department has received most secret cable from Amembassy London61 on subject of your British colleague’s instructions regarding wolfram. Foreign Secretary asks information be most rigidly guarded.

Sir R. Campbell is conveying to Salazar an authoritative statement from Prime Minister which in summary expresses anxiety at effect of continued wolfram exports upon (a) British public sentiment and therefore Anglo-Portuguese relations, (b) the Spanish on the ground that it sets them bad example. Although this approach does not formally invoke the alliance it is in fact based upon it.

We understand Sir R. Campbell will consult you and you are requested to concert your actions with respect to the wolfram problem in such form as you deem most effective. We note your 822, March 17, and are most disturbed by the information contained therein.

  1. Telegram 2239, March 19, noon, not printed.