711.94114 Supplies/214: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in the Soviet Union ( Hamilton )

1364. On May 29 the Soviet Ambassador left with the Secretary an Aide-Mémoire, which in paraphrase reads as follows:

[The original aide-mémoire is printed on page 1175.]

Department assumes that you will in due course receive similar written reply to your communication of May 15. At that time or, if you deem it prudent, sooner in reference to above communication from Soviet Embassy here, please express to the Soviet Government the deep gratitude of the United States Government for the former’s willingness to assist in this matter which is one of serious concern to the American people. Department particularly notes with appreciation that Soviet Government has itself so informed the Japanese Government.

Department for its part desires as soon as possible to reply in similar sense to the Japanese Government’s proposal but will await your recommendation whether this may appropriately be done on basis of Soviet Embassy’s communication or whether Department should await the Soviet Government’s formal reply to your communication. Department desires to issue simultaneously with the forwarding of a reply for delivery to the Japanese Government a public statement concerning the matter and as requested in Department’s 1346, May 29, desires to learn urgently whether Soviet Government agreeable to proposed press release. As the information, perhaps in an unfavorable light, is likely to be made public by Japan if not otherwise, Department considers it important from standpoint of this Government’s responsibility to the American people on this subject to inform them officially and correctly of the Soviet Government’s cooperation.

As it appears that the Soviet Government has already made its counter-proposal known to Japan, Department considers it important [Page 1179] that United States Government’s reply in similar vein and issuance of press release on subject be expedited.