711.94114 Supplies/187: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in the Soviet Union ( Hamilton )

1171. Reference your 1598 May 8. Please express to the Soviet Government this Government’s gratitude for the action taken by the former in urging the Japanese Government favorably to consider the representations and proposals previously made by the British and United States Governments to the Japanese Government with a view to ameliorating the condition of Allied nationals detained in the Far East, particularly with reference to the onward movement and distribution of relief supplies and mail now standing at Vladivostok.

It is quite likely that the Soviet communication quoted in the telegram under reference may have resulted in the offer of the Japanese Government recently received by the Department proposing a means whereby relief supplies and mail may be transported from Soviet territory to Japan and thence to interned Allied nationals, which will be the subject of a separate communication to the Embassy.79

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