711.94114 Mail/59: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Harriman )

989. Following telegram has been dispatched to the American Legation at Bern and repeated to Tehran:

“Request Swiss to inform Japanese authorities that prisoner of war and civilian internee mail from the United States to Far East (including mail from Japanese nationals held in the United States) is now being carried by air free of charge from United States to Tehran. Soviet Communications authorities have undertaken to forward this mail by surface across Soviet Union and deliver it to Japanese authorities. Request Japanese authorities to deliver this mail as expeditiously as possible as envisaged by Article 36 of Geneva Convention.

The Soviet Government has indicated its willingness to accept prisoner of war and civilian internee mail originating in Far East from Japanese authorities (including mail for Japanese nationals held in United States). Soviet Government is prepared to forward this mail to Tehran from which point United States authorities will undertake to carry it to the United States by air free of charge and expedite its delivery to addressees in the United States. If Japanese authorities desire to accept offer of United States Government to carry this mail from Tehran to United States it is suggested that they approach Soviet authorities with view of routing mail for United States to Tehran.

Department would appreciate receiving urgently from Japanese authorities notice when mails from Far East are first routed via Tehran in order that final arrangements may be made for air transportation from Tehran to United States.”