711.94114 Supplies/132: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Harriman ) to the Secretary of State

822. Reference Department’s 319, February 16, 11 p.m. I have received a letter from Molotov72 dated March 10, in which the readiness of the Soviet Government in principle is expressed to assist in the execution of the measures proposed in my letter to him of February 16 [18] setting forth the considerations contained in the Department’s reference telegram) as soon as the necessary arrangements between the American and Japanese Governments are reached with [Page 1164] respect to the plan. Molotov’s letter continues that the Soviet Government is ready to make available the use of a Soviet port for the purpose indicated and that this port will subsequently be designated.73

  1. Vyacheslav Mikhailovieh Molotov, Soviet People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs.
  2. Secretary of State Hull instructed Ambassador Harriman by telegram 671, March 23, to express the thanks of the United States Government for this readiness to assist, and to say that the Soviet Government would be informed of any developments (711.94114 Supplies/132).