511.4A5/11–644: Telegram

The Minister in Afghanistan (Engert) to the Secretary of State

197. Ministry of National Economy of Afghanistan published today brief declaration to the effect as from March 21, 1945 i.e. beginning of the Afghan year 1324 cultivation of the opium poppy is prohibited and all cultivators are notified to discontinue growing the plant.51

This satisfactory measure may be considered as the direct result of the Department’s instruction No. 138, August 21, 194452 which was communicated to the Afghan Foreign Office September 26.


[The reply from the Soviet Government, as described in Moscow’s telegram 4222, November 3, printed on page 1106, and the action taken by the Afghan Government, as reported in the telegram printed supra, were the only responses in 1944 from the eight Governments to which the Department sent its communication of August 21, 1944, printed on page 1094.]

  1. See note No. 649/349 from the Afghan Foreign Office, November 11, 1944, Department of State Bulletin, December 10, 1944, p. 727.
  2. See footnote 34, p. 1094.