562.8F4/37: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant ) to the Secretary of State

168. From Delegate in [Delegation] Informal Whaling Conference. Dobson has advised that Ministry of Food is disappointed that opening meeting of Conference did not result in clearer appreciation of need for, and in greater readiness to relax restrictions to permit, an all out effort to increase whale oil take in first postwar season. Ministry, he said, was especially disappointed at views expressed on humpbacks, a fact which may be not unrelated to apparent Australian interest in relaxation mentioned in Embassy’s number 65, 4th. (In this connection it is interesting to note that Sunday Empress reported governmental plans for revival of whaling on New South Wales coast and the laying out of a modern whaling station at Boydtown.)

Dobson added that Maud in promised statement to Conference will make clear the serious view Ministry takes of oil supply situation, but went on to explain that the Ministry naturally would fall in with the attitude taken by the British Delegation. It would appear that the British Delegation is really desirous of greater relaxation of current agreements than they are willing to press for openly and that they are hoping for some assistance in this respect from the United States Delegation.

Dobson also said four expeditions are expected in first season rather than three.