840.50/3449: Telegram

The Minister in Australia ( Johnson ) to the Secretary of State

4. Informed that Dixon9 reports Article VII talks with Canada were at the invitation of the United States Government. I am asked if there is special reason for singling out Canada and what our attitude might be if Australia desired to have similar talks. They feel that their studies have developed points of view more representative of these alternations or units and which would assist you in anticipating such nations.

Incidentally I am in possession of a set of documents constituting those studies and the agreed recommendations by their Interdepartmental Committee on External Relations which will be presented to Cabinet next week. (See my despatch 564 September 18 last.)10 These are being copied and will accompany an airmail despatch within a few days.11 What they will want to say at the talks you will read in these documents covering employment, money, commodities, tariffs, etc; hence it [will?] be advisable to stall until they have been read by all concerned there.

  1. Owen Dixon, Australian Minister in the United States.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Despatch 657, January 11, not printed.