800.796/546a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant )

1097. For the Ambassador from Berle. Based on correspondence received here, it appears to me that Beaverbrook and his aides have expanded considerably on the state of the record in connection with the coming talks on aviation matters. You should have by now the text of the Department’s aide-mémoire to the British asking their ideas on the point. Yet we understand it is being freely said in London that the British have been asked to prepare the agenda, whereas they are, of course, preparing their suggestions for it; and that they have been told that the carriers will not be represented. This is probably the way it will work out so far as the Government-to-Government negotiations are concerned, but no one has said anything on the subject thus far.

We will send you by air mail Monday copy of our agenda suggestions to the British.

We are likewise inquiring of the British whether it would be agreeable for them if we informed Moscow of the contemplated talks, with a view to finding out whether they would like to join at an appropriate stage.

The preliminary talks, when held, will develop whether there is foundation for a United Nations air conference later. Prevailing opinion here is that such a conference would be desirable.

After careful consideration, it is believed that Satterthwaite28 had best remain in London for the time being. Walstrom is writing him on the subject. [Berle.]

  1. Livingston Satterthwaite, Civil Air Attaché American Embassy, London.