Memorandum of Conversation, by the Adviser on Political Relations (Dunn)

Mr. Michael Wright,17a during a call this morning, stated that while lunching a day or so ago at the White House, the President told Lord Halifax that he was very anxious to get along with discussions between the British and ourselves on the subjects of aviation and oil. Mr. Wright remarked that the oil matter was pretty well worked up and the Embassy was at present waiting for final authorization from London.

Mr. Wright also added that the British Government felt that it was extremely important to have some talks begin between the British and ourselves about aviation, and even if final positions were not arrived at, they hoped it would be possible to have preliminary talks, if not to reach agreements to at least exchange views in general on the subject. The British Government considered it extremely important to remove this subject from the list of possible irritants.

James Clement Dunn
  1. First Secretary of the British Embassy.