800.24/12–2144: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Caffery)

797. ReDepts Circular of December 8. Early consideration of all urgent shipping requirements including civilian supply and shipping needs for liberated areas versus claims for military tonnage is now anticipated. A review is being made of CSAB’s40 analysis of and conclusions on over-all shipping shortage. CCS,41 civilian agencies and UNRRA are presenting, respectively, tonnage estimates for military programs and essential civilian supply programs for paying and non-paying countries against which distribution of available shipping will be suggested by CSAB. Latter conclusions, as accepted or modified will presumably be the basis of a Joint Directive from the President and Prime Minister to the CCS and CSAB on amount of tonnage to be allocated for supplying civilians in liberated territories. You will be kept informed of progress in these deliberations. Please inform Labouisse.42

Repeated to London,43 inform Schoenfeld,44 Hawkins,45 Patterson,46 [Page 328] Sawyer,47 Hornbeck,48 Wehle49 and Nielsen;50 to Rome;51 to Athens.52

  1. Combined Shipping Adjustment Board.
  2. Combined Chiefs of Staff.
  3. Henry R. Labouisse, Jr., Adviser on Economic Affairs at Paris.
  4. As telegram 10624.
  5. Rudolf E. Schoenfeld, Counselor of Embassy near the Governments of Czechoslovakia and the Netherlands established in England.
  6. Harry C. Hawkins, Counselor of Embassy for Economic Affairs at London.
  7. Richard C. Patterson, Jr., Ambassador near the Government of Yugoslavia established in England.
  8. Charles Sawyer, Ambassador in Belgium and Minister in Luxembourg.
  9. Stanley K. Hornbeck, Ambassador near the Netherlands Government established in England.
  10. Louis B. Wehle, Special Representative of the Foreign Economic Administration.
  11. Orsen N. Nielsen, Counselor of Embassy and Consul General near the Government of Norway established in England.
  12. As telegram 646.
  13. As telegram 137.