Lot File No. 122, Box 50, CLAC, Documents 1–15

Agreed Terms of Reference of the London Coordinating Committee of the Combined Liberated Areas Committee


The following statement of the terms of reference of the Coordinating Committee, London, has been agreed upon by the U.K. and U.S. members of the Combined Liberated Areas Committee:

There shall be established in London a subcommittee of the Combined Liberated Areas Committee with the following terms of reference:

The committee will be known as the London Coordinating Committee of the Combined Liberated Areas Committee.
Its membership will consist of representatives of those U.K. departments most concerned with supply questions for liberated and conquered areas, of the Mission for Economic Affairs (MEA–US) and of the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF). Participation of officers of SHAEF will be limited as to time, to the military period of responsibility, and as to competence, to furnishing to the Committee appropriate information as to military requirements and to receiving advice and suggestions with respect to such requirements. The words “receiving advice and suggestions” apply only insofar as general background information of civilian post-military plans may be helpful, it being understood that full dress discussions and decisions on military requirements are Combined Civil Affairs Committee and War Office-War Department responsibility.
It will be a non-executive committee and it will have no authority or responsibility for policy formulations, program approvals or operating decisions.
It will have such functions and responsibilities as may be assigned to it from time to time by CLAC.
As a committee it will report to CLAC although it is recognized that its members, in their regular government capacities, may [Page 322] take up matters discussed in this committee with other appropriate authorities.

Combined Secretariat:
Roger B. Stevens 26
John E. Orchard 27
  1. Counselor of the British Embassy.
  2. Special Assistant to the Under Secretary of State.