840.50/4–1844: Telegram

The British Prime Minister (Churchill) to President Roosevelt

647. Reference your 476 and 477.50a I am in agreement that we should clear our minds on the question as to which matters might profitably be discussed internationally before the end of the war. In a preliminary way at least, the visit of Mr. Stettinius to London should provide an opportunity for discussing the procedure best calculated to ensure that all these economic questions are dealt with in the right order and at the right time.

Reference your 477, on the subject of Combined Boards and their future status, I entirely agree with you that the Boards have done good work and that we should further study the part which they could and should play in our future arrangements. I propose to send instructions to our representatives in Washington as I think that the initial discussions on this had better take place in Washington between the appropriate United States agencies and our representatives there.

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