The Assistant Secretary of State (Berle) to the Norwegian Chargé (Jorstad)9

My Dear Mr. Chargé d’affaires: I refer to the arrangement between the Norwegian Government and the Government of the United States with regard to the establishment of an interim procedure dealing with purchases of supplies for post-war relief purposes, which arrangement was set out in a note sent to the Norwegian Ambassador by the Secretary on August 14, 1942.10 The question has been raised whether that interim procedure has lapsed in view of the creation of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration and the adoption by that Administration, with the approval of its Committee on Supplies, of a procedure with regard to advance procurement of supplies. It is the view of this Government that the interim procedure described in the above-mentioned note of August 14, 1942 has been superseded by the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration procedure. It is assumed that the Norwegian Government will be guided by the later procedure in proposing future transactions within its scope.

Should this Government in the light of experience see the need for a more clearly defined method of coordinating the activities of countries which are procuring supplies in the United States and in other areas in which the United States may be carrying on procurement [Page 312] activities, it may suggest a review of the problems and procedures relating to purchases.

I should add that the understanding set forth in the above-mentioned note with regard to making supplies available for war purposes should remain in effect as to any supplies acquired under the interim procedure therein described.

Sincerely yours,

A. A. Berle, Jr.
  1. Similar letters were sent on the same date to the Belgian and Netherlands Embassies.

    On June 8, 1944, a copy of a similar letter, dated May 20, addressed by the British Foreign Office to the Netherlands, Belgian, and Norwegian Ambassadors and to the Delegate of the French Committee of National Liberation, was transmitted by the British Embassy to the Department of State for its information.

  2. Not printed.