840.48/10–544: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

8373. For Department and FEA. ReEmbs 7860 of September 22 and 8145 of September 29.50

Full text of report embodying proposals of Special Committee on Relief was sent Department as A–1211, October 451 and is summarized in paragraph D below.
Report will now be submitted to British Cabinet and following approval by them and by you Committee assumes proposals will be taken up with Combined Chiefs of Staff in Washington.
If proposals are approved in present form Embassy suggests that it be authorized to concert with British here in conversations with Norwegian Government and in taking other action necessary to implement proposals.
Concerning question of a public announcement Committee recommended that simultaneous but not necessarily identical statements be issued by British and United States Governments. Committee considered it important that same general line of argument be followed in any public statements made by the two governments on this subject but that identical texts were impracticable. British will probably make statement in Parliament which will be sent you beforehand and it is expected that any statement which Department makes public would similarly be sent London prior to release. British statement, which is now in preparation and will be forwarded shortly, was discussed by the Committee and it was suggested that Department’s statement might be based on it.
Summary of proposals contained in A–1211:
British and United States Governments will allow compensating imports into Sweden to replace food sent Norway as relief, will permit onshipment of food imported thru blockade to Norway and will relax rule forbidding export from Sweden to Norway of produits similaires.
Foregoing relaxation being made to enable under Swedish supervision extension of existing relief schemes in Norway.
Despatch of children’s clothing in small lots subject to satisfactory reports on distribution will also be approved.
All proposed shipments will be submitted to JSC Stockholm52 and American and British members will be given wide discretion to approve without reference.
Proposals will be discussed with Norwegian Government which will be asked for suggestions concerning financing of operations and with Swedish Government which will be asked for estimates of additional imports required.
German Government will be asked to give assurances as to safe conducts, freedom of movement and personal safety of supervisors, maintenance of rations and maintenance of normal shipments of foodstuffs to Norway.
United States and British Government will inform IECC that they are willing to admit food thru blockade for distribution by [Page 284] IRCC in canteens, et cetera, in cities where need is acute and by means of individual parcels in other areas where IRCC can verify correct use of parcels.
Shipment of children’s clothing will also be permitted as in case of Norway subject to satisfactory reports on distribution.
Polish Government will be informed and its suggestions as to financing of operation requested.
IRCC will be asked to suggest names of cities, to estimate amounts of food needed and to indicate type of control which can be exercised.
As in case of Norway German Government will be asked for assurances concerning safe conducts, maintenance of rations, et cetera.
Czechoslovakia and Denmark:
Food situation considered satisfactory but if need arises action similar to that proposed for Poland will be authorized.
Other areas:
No recommendation made for the Netherlands and Yugoslavia in view of present military situation, although action similar to that proposed for Poland would be authorized if areas should remain under settled enemy occupation.
Vitamins B and C will be admitted through blockade in same way as vitamin D.
Monetary relief:
It is suggested that licenses involving the placing of funds in neutral territory at disposal of enemy persons should only be issued after consultation between the United States and British Governments.

Separate telegram53 is being sent on paragraph 6 above (see paragraph 14 of full text).

American representatives on the Committee reserved their position on this point.

  1. Latter not printed.
  2. Not printed.
  3. The Joint Standing Commission consisting of United States, United Kingdom, and Swedish representatives which had been established in Stockholm to assure the Allied Governments that Swedish policy was in accordance with various wartime trade agreements.
  4. Infra.